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YouTXT is the ideal customer reminder system for your business.

Designed specially for the small to average size New Zealand Business, this system will bring to you:

  • Convenient, easy to use, contact system for your customers.
  • Ability to send reliable TXT reminders to your customers.
  • Your customers can reply, and we deliver the replies to your email.
  • Send individual TXT's or group them for sending bulk TXT's all at once.
  • You can manage all your TXT's from a computer anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Set up automated, recurring TXT's, when repetitive reminders required.
  • Various plans, so you can choose the most relevant to suit your business needs, and budget.
  • Schedule TXT's for the future, and send to Email, TXT or both.
  • Facility for several logins, under one account, so you can operate a single business system.
  • Premium Shortcode system available for professional marketing.
  • We are a registered company, and provide GST invoices each month. Read about us.
  • Professional NZ based SMS Gateway, and backup systems to further increase reliability.
  • YouTXT offers many advantages over other systems. Read here.
  • Some Customer References
    As well as the above advantages, you have the assurance that we are here to support the system, and to resolve any issues or problems that may arise.

    We are based in Hamilton, New Zealand, and are available by phone, email or filling in the form here.

    If you have any questions about this system, please don't hesitate to contact us and enquire, as we are happy to help.

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